Our Impact


A resort created not only to celebrate, but also to protect the Tahoe basin and surrounding area, Desolation Hotel isn’t like most others. Our team carefully considers the impact of every single decision we make to maximize our impact in the community, amplify the experience for our guests, and extend our viability as Lake Tahoe’s premier eco-conscious resort.

Here's how we've done it:

Our Location Is...

Walkable - Chosen for its ability to reduce guests’ dependence on vehicles while exploring the area, our exceptional location allows for a completely walkable Tahoe experience. Not only is the lake just a stone’s throw away, but local shops and restaurants, the Heavenly Valley Ski Resort, Van Sickle State Park, and more attractions are within a mere 10-minute walk from our front door. 

Landscape-Focused - Desolation Hotel was designed around the local landscape — literally. To preserve as many trees as possible, the resort was configured to wrap around the trees native to our property. Those that were unable to be salvaged were removed and then relocated within the resort in their new forms. The Jeffrey Pines were turned into benches seen throughout the pool and walkway areas, and a local mill turned the other trees into construction material utilized in our exterior beams, creating a timeless connection between Tahoe’s past and future.

Solar-Powered - We use state of the art solar technology to cleanly power our resort. Because Tahoe averages nearly 300 days of sun every year, we’re proud to turn those beautiful rays into energy that runs our facility. In doing so, we are able to offset our energy usage from the grid. What’s more, by utilizing skylights in our design, we’ve reduced the amount of energy required to illuminate our interior during daylight hours.

Our Infrastructure Is...

Responsible - The building material used for Desolation Hotel was largely sourced locally and regionally, including FSC Certified lumber straight from the American Northwest. This lumber is considered the gold standard for wood, harvested from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, and environmentally conscious forests. The floor of our Fitness Studio and the blankets in our guest rooms are made from recycled materials, our interior finishes are all low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and our restaurant food waste is sorted and composted through a local program. Environmental responsibility has been at the core of our values since day one.

Efficient - Desolation Hotel exclusively features appliances and equipment that boast some of the highest efficiency ratings in their respective categories. From our high-efficiency HVAC system, to our light-sensing light bulbs, to our low-flow plumbing fixtures, we’ve carefully selected items across the resort that will reduce our carbon footprint via power efficiency. 

EV-Friendly - The highest ratio and concentration of any property in the Tahoe area, Desolation Hotel boasts 20 charging stations for electric vehicles, providing convenience for EV drivers and cleaner air for everyone.

Water-Conscious - Not only is Desolation Hotel one of the only resorts that draws tap water straight from Lake Tahoe — water that was voted best tasting tap water in the United States! — but we’ve also provided filtered water filling stations around the resort. As we aim to eliminate plastic bottle waste, we encourage our guests to bring reusable water bottles with them and are happy to provide them for guests who forget.

Conscientious - After witnessing first-hand the devastating impact wildfires can have in our area, Desolation Hotel was built with exterior materials that are wildfire resilient. Both our roof and our siding were selected to protect our resort from the possibility of future wildfire damage. 

Our Team Is...

Rooted in Tahoe - The architectural team, general contractor and most subcontractors utilized for the development of Desolation Hotel are residents of the Tahoe basin and adjacent areas, and the founders of the property have been Tahoe residents for upwards of 40 years. Passionate as we are about preservation of the wilderness and investing in sustainability, we hope to play a role in guaranteeing it will be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Invested in the Community - Philanthropists at heart, the founders of Desolation Hotel host yearly community events that raise money to be invested right back into worthy local causes: schools and colleges, youth centers, environmental nonprofits, fire victims, first responders, trail systems repair, and more. In 2021 alone, the Desolation Hotel team raised more than $250,000 for the Tahoe community.