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Our staff is made up of individuals who have decades of experience exploring the great outdoors. Bearing unmatched knowledge and love for the local landscape, our enthusiasm for local exploration is what truly sets us apart and makes our team an asset to our guests. Staff that has the expertise to intimately guide and advise guests on excursions, we’ll ensure you’re prepared to embark on a memorable adventure that will satisfy your adventure cravings.

Located in Alpine County, California, Hope Valley is widely known for its stunning natural beauty and the abundance of outdoor recreation it provides.

The Beauty & Serenity

Originally inhabited by the indigenous Washoe tribe, in 1848 European Mormons colonized and settled in the area, giving Hope Valley its English name. They cited their hope and optimism for a prosperous future after finding such fertile land and scenic beauty. Because it remains largely remote today, Hope Valley continues to provide unmatched peace, tranquility, and hope for guests wanting to reconnect with nature. Made of a trifecta of year-round natural beauty, the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountain peaks provide a breathtaking framework for the valley itself, which is more closely surrounded by a stunning alpine forest. During the spring, the valley fills with brilliant wildflowers, and turns into a lush green oasis throughout the summer; brilliant orange and yellow aspens set the horizon alight during autumn; and beautiful blankets of snow make the area a serene wonderland throughout the winter. The valley has the power to provide a sense of peace and tranquility 365 days out of the year.

Desolation Hotel Lake Tahoe
Desolation Hotel Lake Tahoe

The Outdoor Activities

It’s nearly impossible to be bored in Hope Valley. Because of the topographic variety that makes up this stunning valley and the waterway that runs through it, outdoor adventure is always at your fingertips. The resort is bordered by the West Fork of the Carson River, surrounded by forests and nestled amongst the mountains. As a result, the possibilities for entertaining yourself are endless. Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, river play, canoeing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and more are immediately available inside the idyllic Hope Valley.

The Proximity

If the beauty of Hope Valley isn’t enough to satisfy your taste for adventure, the surrounding area surely will. Within 30 minutes or less of Lake Tahoe, Grover Hot Springs State Park, Heavenly Valley Ski Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort and dozens of alpine lakes and hiking trails, Hope Valley sits in close proximity to some of the American West’s most revered outdoor destinations. Plus, because DH Hope Valley lies at the intersection of Highway 88 and Highway 89, traveling to such destinations is not only easy, but well worth the scenic drive. With so much to explore and experience, there is no shortage of activities or adventures when visiting Hope Valley.

Desolation Hotel Lake Tahoe
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The History

A 165-acre plot of land that has borne witness to the native Washoe tribe’s stewardship, the Pony Express, the Emigrant Trail, and that eventually became an ideal location for shepherding sheep and offering comfort for weary travelers, this site’s enduring and significant tenure beckons guests interested in stepping back in time. Sorensen’s Resort laid the foundation for the resort we have today, while the Natives who tread here before them led the way for respecting and celebrating the land. Were it not for the Sorensen Family and their genuine hospitality; for the accumulation of such unique features and accommodations over the years; and for the stunning surroundings that provide a breathtaking backdrop to the entire experience, guests of Sorensen’s Resort wouldn’t have returned the way they did, and wouldn’t have formed such a strong connection to the resort, now known as Desolation Hotel Hope Valley.

A place known for its unmatched tranquility, brilliant natural vistas, availability of and proximity to recreation, and a history that inspires reverence, Hope Valley offers the best that the American West has to offer.

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