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At Desolation Hotel, modern conveniences and eco-luxury commingle with Japanese tranquility and Scandinavian design. Our one-of-a-kind South Lake Tahoe experience inspires adventure and invites requiescence, providing the right space to recharge your battery. Balancing reverence for the past with appreciation for the present, Desolation Hotel calls upon the simple days of yesteryear, while modern technology serves as a quiet backbone to the entire resort experience.

Inspired by the preservationist and pioneer John Muir, we encourage both exploration and celebration of the natural wonders that surround us. We aim to be exceptional stewards of the entire Sierra Nevada region, Influenced by Muir’s reverence for the Earth alongside his passion 
for its preservation.

Our impact

Eco-conscious at our core, our team has taken great effort to reduce our carbon footprint while bringing Desolation Hotel to fruition. By utilizing green building practices, high-efficiency appliances, and choosing local, sustainable materials, we are consistently innovating to make our luxury accommodations environmentally friendly. Our team carefully considers the impact of every decision we make in an effort to maximize our impact in the community, amplify the experience for our guests, and extend our viability as Lake Tahoe’s premier eco-conscious resort.

Our Story

Desolation Hotel was born out of a desire to create a South Lake Tahoe resort that celebrates the experiences of both the great outdoors and the modern indoors.

After spending more than four decades creating exceptional experiences in the consumer electronics industry, the owners of Desolation Hotel sought to build a community that would synthesize their passion for tech with their love of outdoor exploration. With a focus on delivering exceptional Tahoe experiences both inside the hotel and out, Desolation Hotel is not only a place where modern adventurers can stay and relax during vacation, but also a launching pad for exploration of the great American West.

Tahoe residents since 2019, the owners have been visiting the Tahoe area for more than 40 years. A nuclear family that runs nine deep, they’ve spent nearly every summer in the area, and as a result, know the local landscape backwards and forwards. It is their appreciation for and celebration of this natural gem — the lake, the mountains, and everything El Dorado County has to offer — that makes Desolation Hotel so special. A place where every member of staff is knowledgeable and passionate about celebrating the gifts this area has to share, Desolation Hotel invites guests to recharge their battery by reconnecting with the magnificence that surrounds.  

Desolation Hotel was created by a family that believes in the magic of relationships — connecting with others and connecting with the world around. As such, we are excited to bring such passion and reverence to the hospitality industry here in Lake Tahoe.

Stay with Us, Make an Impact

More than a place to rest your head, Desolation Hotel is a steward of the community and the environment. While we’re committed to playing a role in protecting the wilderness we love, we are equally passionate about expanding our local reach to enact positive change.

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